How to add a joint owner and what access they will have

How do I add a joint owner to my account, and what services will this provide to them?

To add a joint owner to your account, you will need to complete the Add Joint Owner Form and complete all applicable fields. Please note, the form will supersede existing applications on file and should reflect current personal information, shares affected, as well as new/existing joint owners.

The joint owner will be able to obtain information on the accounts they are listed under, and will have complete access to those specific account(s). In the event of death of the primary owner, the joint owner(s) will get the proceeds of the account, but they will need to qualify for their own primary membership with a new account number. The joint owner is not eligible to apply for a loan on the primary member's account and can only obtain information regarding the loan if the Loan Authorization form is filled out and returned to Delta Community.

The joint owner is not authorized to:

  • Change a Self-Service IVR PIN or Online Banking password
  • Completely close the Savings Account
  • Reopen any account
  • Change the beneficiary or add another joint owner to the account
  • Open an Additional Savings Account, Certificate of Deposit or Money Market Account (they are authorized to close these accounts)
  • Submit a Member to Member Transfer Authorization Request
  • Apply for a loan