Third Party Checks

What is Delta Community's policy on processing third party checks?

A third party check refers to any check that is not made payable to you directly and the person whom the check is payable to has endorsed the check over to you. On third party checks, the person to whom the check is made out to and the person depositing the check into their account must sign the back. The person to whom the check is made out to must also write "pay to the order of _______" on the back of the check. A check written payable to a minor but being deposited into a member's account will be handled as a third party check.

In some situations we are unable to accept third party checks. The decision to accept is made at the branch upon presenting the check and if denied, reasons will be disclosed to you. For the protection of our member each situation will be determined based on individual account criteria. Delta Community reserves the right to not accept third party Insurance or Government issued checks due to the liability involved.

If a 3rd party check is accepted, a release form must be completed at the time of the transaction. The document should be signed in person at a Delta Community branch and the signor must present current, non-expired state identification. If this acknowledgement is not signed in person at a Delta Community branch, a notarized version may be accepted at the discretion of the branch manager.

A 7 day hold may be applied to the funds.

A third party check cannot be deposited at an ATM. When the ATM deposit is audited, Delta Community will debit the funds back out of your account and mail the check back to you.

If a check is made out to a minor, can the member sign the minor's name and deposit check as a 3rd party? At what age is the minor required to sign her own name?

The member may sign the minors name followed by their own and it will be processed as a third party check. There isn't anything in writing stating what age a minor is required to sign their own name, usually if they can sign their name they should.