Life Events

Life is full of changes and new beginnings. Whether you're starting your first job, buying your first house or starting from scratch, Delta Community is here for every important life event.

Paying for College

Whether you're a student or a parent, creating a plan for higher education can be overwhelming. But with the right resources, you can conquer the challenge with confidence.

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Your First Job

From financially preparing to enter the workforce to making the most of your salary and employee benefits, having a plan will set you up for success.

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A Car Purchase

No matter if you are buying a new car or a new-to-you car, doing your homework in advance will ensure you’re getting the vehicle and deal that’s best for you.

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A Home Purchase

Saving for a down payment, getting prequalified, establishing a monthly home budget—it may seem overwhelming, but with thorough research and planning, you'll be settled in your new home before you know it.

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Merging Finances

Sharing financial obligations and goals with your significant other can be intimidating. Prepare for the conversation and remember that open, honest communication is key.

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New Parents

Parenthood brings all sorts of new joys, experiences, and responsibilities—including financial ones. Review our checklist to make sure you're prepared for the future.

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Financial Planning for Women

Women often face unique challenges when it comes to their finances. Whether you have a partner or are going it alone, our checklist can help you work toward your financial goals.

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Suddenly Single

If you've suddenly found yourself solo, you likely feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of choices you now have to make on your own. If you aren't sure where to begin, take a look at our checklists and know that assistance is available.

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