iOS 16 Update – Mobile Deposit

Member Notice

Delta Community Credit Union is aware of a software issue affecting some members using the mobile check deposit feature in the Mobile App.

The issue only occurs on Apple® iPhones® running the most recent version of the phone’s operating system, iOS 16, which was released by Apple on Monday, September 12.

What is the software issue?

  1. During a mobile check deposit action, when prompted in the Mobile App to take a photo of the front of the check, the app displays a message, “Rotate your device to continue your deposit”.
  2. If you attempt to rotate your Apple device to the left (where the text would show right-side up), the same message is still displayed, and you may not be able to take a picture of the check to capture the image need to make the deposit.

What is the current fix for the issue?

  1. There is an easy workaround that can fix this issue. With a simple full device rotation, the Apple device camera functions correctly, therefore allowing a complete check capture to finish the mobile deposit.
  2. A software fix for the issue is being developed, and this message will be updated when it is available.