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Loan payment by debit card, credit card or check by phone

Can I make a loan payment by phone using a credit card, debit card or check?

Loan payments can be made using a non Delta Community issued Visa Debit Card (no Visa Credit Cards accepted as form of payment); MasterCard, or Discover. This transaction cannot be completed at a branch; please use our toll free number 800-544-3328 or 404-715-4725. There is an $8.00 fee for card by phone payments for all loans with the exception of payments on a Visa. Be advised payments may take up to three business days for processing and your payment received date will be reflected on the day the payment is posted, not the day it is requested.

We also accept check by phone payments. The $8.00 processing fee will apply.

Loan payments can be made on behalf of the member, however written authorization must be submitted by the card holder stating that their card may be used for the payment and a copy of the card or check being used must be provided.