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Foreign Transaction Fees - Using Visa Credit/Debit or ATM Card in another country

Does Delta Community add charges when using my Visa or ATM card in another country?

A Foreign Transaction Fee (also know as an ISA fee) of 1% is assessed for all foreign transactions, including ATM withdrawals in foreign countries. This fee will post as a separate transaction. Many institutions 'upcharge' the 1% fee. Delta Community does not 'upcharge'; we simply pass the fee to the cardholder.

These charges will be assessed on the same account as the original transaction and will not be debited from an alternate account, such as a Savings Account. If you do not have sufficient funds to cover a transaction and this fee, it can create a negative balance on the share or loan of the original transaction.

In simple terms, the Foreign Transaction Fee is a currency conversion fee. Since all transactions on U.S. issued credit and check cards are posted in U.S. dollars, Visa, MasterCard and American Express convert any foreign purchase amount into U.S. dollars and charge a currency conversion fee for doing so. In our case, Visa charges a 1% fee for foreign transactions made with your Delta Community Visa Credit and Check or ATM cards for currency conversion, while other card issuers charge as much as 3%. This fee is NOT a new fee, but changes with card company regulations now require it to be listed as a separate charge on your statement. Previously, this fee was included in the exchange rate by Visa as part of the total transaction amount.

Using your Delta Community Visa Credit and Check or ATM card for overseas transactions still offers you the best value for your money. Plus if your card is ever lost or stolen while traveling, you are protected by Visa's $0 Liability policy against fraudulent use.

You can use your cards anywhere Visa is accepted. If you know your PIN, you can use the card at an ATM where the Visa logo is displayed. Visa's Global ATM Locator.

Military Bases outside of the US

Transactions made on foreign U.S. Military bases are subject to Visa foreign transaction fees.

  • Cash transactions are charged a fee of 0.15% of the transaction amount.
  • Purchase transactions are charged a fee of 0.40% of the transaction amount.

Single Currency Transactions (Transactions in USD that originate in foreign countries)

Transactions made in USD in foreign countries are subject to a Visa foreign transaction fee of .80% of the transaction amount (better than the 1% Visa fee on transactions made in foreign currencies.)

Additional information when using an ATM card

If an ATM is used that is not routed through the Visa network, the 1% fee will not be charged by Visa. However, a foreign transaction fee from that particular system may be charged. Delta Community can not provide a quote for this fee. It may also be useful to know that our ATM cards are not accepted everywhere (like Visa cards are), so use of your ATM card is limited. Also, additional fees may apply, depending on the financial institution operating the ATM. Look for the Plus, Interlink and Co-op logos when using your ATM card.

Additional information and FAQs relating to the Visa Foreign Transaction Fee.