July 13, 2022 · Investment, Savings, Security, Taxes

Be Sure to Use the Right Account Number When Setting Up Direct Deposit

It’s common for Delta Community members to link their Credit Union accounts, such as a Savings Account to a Checking Account, or to link their Credit Union accounts to other financial institutions or to the U.S. government, such as linking an account with the federal Internal Revenue Service for paying taxes or receiving tax refunds.

If you are linking accounts, be certain you are always using your correct Delta Community Credit Union account information/number.

How to provide the correct account number for Direct Deposit

To make sure you are providing the correct account number, log in to Online Banking and review the My Accounts section:

  • Select the account you want to review.
  • Click the arrow next to Account Details.
  • You can see the type of account and the MICR number. That MICR number is the account number you need to provide for direct deposit.
  • If the account number has a (-), you only need to provide the account numbers before the dash; the four numbers after the dash are not needed.

Your Member Number is the same as your Savings Account Number

It’s important to understand that your Delta Community Savings Account number is also your Credit Union Member Number. They are one and the same and unique to each individual member. It’s extremely important to keep this in mind when setting up direct deposit and linking to your Savings Account, either within Delta Community or to other financial institutions.

Please know your funds could be delayed if a member service representative needs to manually correct Checking or Savings Account numbers.

How account number errors happen

Manual intervention to change incorrect numbers usually occurs because of one of two reasons:

  1. Either the member’s Checking or Savings Account number has been provided incorrectly (one or more digits may be wrong), or
  2. The member has accidentally switched their Savings Account number for their Checking Account number (or the opposite)—for direct deposit.

In either of these situations, the funds are automatically rejected by the account, which causes delays in funds being deposited into members’ accounts. This means paychecks, transfers, reimbursements, refunds, settlements and other types of payments do not go into an account on the expected date.

Please contact us at any time with questions

If you do not have Online Banking and are unsure of your Savings or Checking Account number, please contact our Member Care Center at any time, toll-free at 800-544-3328 for assistance. You may also visit us at a branch; our Locations page has branch addresses and hours of operation, including our newest branches in Woodstock and Chamblee.

Please check in with Delta Community whenever you have a question, and help us help you by contacting us today to either update or confirm your current address, phone, email and beneficiaries’ details, and make certain you are always using the correct account number when linking accounts!

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