FAQs about Co-Op Shared Branches

What is a Credit Union Co-Op Shared Branch?

A Co-Op Shared Branch is a facility that is part of a national network of participating credit unions. This network allows participating credit union members to conduct most business as if they were at their own credit union branch.

You can utilize the Service Locator to find the locations, phone numbers, and hours of operation for Co-Op Shared Branches located throughout the United States. You will have to go inside the Co-Op Shared Branch to perform transactions as the drive-thrus generally cannot be used for Co-Op Shared Branching transactions. You will need proper identification (picture ID) and your Savings Account number. Other transactions can be performed by phone or by fax request through one of our branches.

Are Delta Community branches considered Co-Op Shared Branches for other credit union members?

All Delta Community branches are Co-Op Shared Branches that can service other participating credit union members, with the exception of our Canton Kroger location. As long as their credit union is part of the Co-Op Shared Branching network, they should present their photo ID and their account number inside to any of our participating branches to transact on the account.

Can I conduct transactions in the drive thru?

No. Due to transaction restrictions shared branch transactions must be performed in the lobby of a branch.

What transactions are and are not accepted at Co-Op Shared Branches?

Transactions that can be performed:

  • Withdrawals (Withdrawals limits vary for CO-OP Shared Branching)
  • Loan Payments (excluding 1st mortgage payments or final loan payments)
  • Loan Advances
  • Deposits
  • Official Checks (Withdrawals limits vary for CO-OP Shared Branching)
  • Some credit unions may:
    • Provide Notary Services
    • Print Statements
    • Assist with transfers
    • Provide account inquiries
    • Sell Travelers Checks and Money Orders – fees will be charged

Transactions that may NOT be performed:

  • Deposit or cashing of foreign items, Bond Coupons and third party checks
  • Cashing share drafts or personal checks
  • Acceptance of Third Party Checks
  • Wire Transfers
  • Open an account
  • Add joint owners and/or POD’s
  • Loan Payoff
  • Apply for loans
  • Update personal information

We suggest contacting the Co-Op Shared Branch to confirm the services available at that particular location. Find a branch near you. Deposits cannot be made at a Co-Op Shared Branching ATM.

How are Co-Op Shared Branches selected to provide compatible services to Delta Community members in other locations outside Atlanta?

Delta Community does not select Co-Op Shared Branches. Each credit union decides whether or not they will be part of the Credit Union Network. If they decide to join the Credit Union Network, then they are available for use to other credit union members as a Co-Op Shared Branch.

Can I send a wire from my account if I go into a Co-Op Shared Branch?

Wire transfers are not an approved shared branching transaction. Please contact Delta Community at 1-800-544-3328 to initiate a wire transfer. View wiring instructions.

Can I cash a check at a Co-Op Shared Branch?

You can deposit a check and withdraw available cash from your account. The amount of the withdrawal must be on deposit prior to the check being deposited. All check deposits are subject to holds.

Is there a maximum amount that I can deposit?

There is no limit on the dollar amount of deposits made at a Co-Op Shared Branch. All deposits are subject to a hold. The hold is placed by Delta Community and not the Co-Op Shared Branch processing the transaction. View the Delta Community Funds Availability policy.

Are all types of Money Orders accepted at Shared Branches?

All money orders presented for immediate credit must be US Postal money orders. Anything other than a US Postal money order will be deposited and subject to hold. International money orders are not accepted. The maximum value for a domestic money order is $1000.

When are the funds available when a deposit is made at a Co-Op Shared Branch?

A Shared Branch receipt will not show Hold or Hold reasons. It will state “Funds from deposits may not be available for immediate withdrawal. Please refer to your institution’s rules governing funds availability for details. View the Delta Community Funds Availability policy.

Can I make a payment to my 1st mortgage at a Co-Op Shared Branch?

Payments to your 1st mortgage cannot be made at a Co-Op Shared Branch. However, you can deposit funds for the 1st mortgage at a Co-Op Shared Branch and then call to authorize the Real Estate Servicing Department to transfer the payment. Home equity payments can be made at Co-Op Shared Branch.

If I am buying a car from another Delta Community member and we are out of state, can we go to a Co-Op Shared Branch to payoff the loan?

The loan cannot be paid off at a Co-Op Shared Branch. The check must be signed by both members and mailed back to Delta Community to payoff the loan. Please mail to PO Box 20541, Atlanta, GA 30320-2541 Attn: Title Department.

What is the maximum amount I can have an Official Check issued for at a Co-Op Shared Branch?

Official Check withdrawals will be limited to the total amount of available funds in your account(s) and can be processed only with authorization from the host credit union. There is a $5.00 charge for official checks for shared branch members.