Delta community takes measures to protect you from fraud

Delta Community knows how important your personal and financial information is to you. That’s why we take as many measures as possible to protect you from fraud and to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Be sure to look over the articles below to keep your finances on the safe side.

Don’t Get Spoofed by a Fake Call That’s Not from Delta Community

by Delta Community

Recently Delta Community has learned of members receiving fraudulent phone calls from individuals claiming to be from the Credit Union. When this happens, the phone number the scammers are calling from is “spoofed,” meaning it might appear to be a legitimate Delta Community contact number but is fake. The caller tells the member that there has been a specific, fraudulent charge on the account of the member and asks the member to confirm his or her identity. Please remember that Delta Community will never call, text, or email you to ask for your checking, savings or investment account, ATM, debit or credit card password, or your telephone access (IVR) PIN.

Fraudulent Text Messages Include Malicious Link

by Delta Community

Delta Community has been made aware of a fraudulent text message scam (SMSishing scams) under the name of the Credit Union. The message reads that Delta Community has posted a secure message for the recipient to review their account information and includes a link to resolve the problem. This malicious link takes the user to a spoofed website and encourages the recipient to enter their personal information.

Fraudulent Text Messages Claim Server Upgrade and Account Accessed from Unknown Browser

by Delta Community

Delta Community has been made aware of two separate fraudulent text message scams (SMSishing scams) being sent to some members under the name of the Credit Union. The messages say either members’ Delta Community “account was accessed from an unknown browser” or Delta Community Credit Union is “undergoing server upgrade” and that the member must click on a malicious phishing link to resolve the problem.

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