April 07, 2017 · Taxes

Tools for Tax Season

With the federal tax filing deadline for 2016 tax returns quickly approaching, we want to remind Delta Community members that they have quick and easy access to digital tools and resources that could help make the tax process a little smoother.

  • Tax Documents - You can access your 2016 tax documents, including 1098 and 1099 forms, via your Online Banking account. To retrieve your documents, log in to Online Banking and select Online Statements under the Additional Services tab. Your tax documents are stored in the December 2016 dropdown folder.
  • Checks - If you're looking for checks written for home improvements, childcare, charitable donations or any other important write-off expenses in 2016, there's a quick Check Search feature in Online Banking that could help. The Check Search tool is located under the Additional Services tab in Online Banking.
  • Budget Tool - Remember to reference the Personal Financial Management tool, FinanceWorks, available in Online Banking under the Additional Services tab, if you want to track down expenses from a certain time period, or to set up tracking for the current year.
  • Calculator - Add up your numbers with the handy calculator tool, available on the home page of your Online Banking account.

And don't forget Tax Day is Tuesday, April 18.