July 15, 2014 ·

Yes! There Is Such a Thing As an Affordable Vacation

Tips for a Fun (and Affordable) Summer Trip
Haven’t taken a summer trip yet? It’s not too late! With plenty of summer weather still ahead, we have the following five tips that can help you have a great time while sticking to a budget.
  1. Get in Touch with Nature – From southern swamps to northern mountains, Georgia is home to great state parks and historic sites. State and national parks offer affordable family entertainment, including camping out. Not only is camping at a park cheaper than a hotel, it can give your family an opportunity to unplug and reconnect with each other off-line.  
  2. Enjoy the Off-Season – Consider taking the family to a ski resort this summer. According to Budget Travel, ski resorts make the most of the summer months by offering outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, rafting and swimming. These resorts often host festivals, concerts and other activities the whole family can enjoy. Because the airline industry never really has an off-season, consider booking flights that leave on a Tuesday or Thursday when airline tickets are known to be the cheapest.  
  3. Fly to Alternative Airports – Speaking of cheap flights, according to U.S. News, flights to smaller regional airports can be less expensive than flying to large international airports. So try to find flights to cities near your final destination. For example, instead of Orlando International Airport (MCO), try Orlando Sanford International (SFB), which is only 30 miles from the city. In some cases, you may even land closer to your destination and avoid city traffic.  
  4. Go Grocery Shopping – Eating out at every meal can ruin a vacation budget. So when you get to your destination, stop by a local grocery store and stock your hotel fridge. When you do go out to eat, go at lunchtime rather than dinner. This one small change can help you save money, since lunch menus are generally cheaper than dinner menus.  
  5. Do Your Research – Compare different travel sites and packages before you book your family getaway. With hundreds of great travel sites available, it can be overwhelming to determine which has the best deal. According to BankRate.com, flexibility and patience are key to not over-spending on your summer trip. Sometimes adjusting your arrival and departure dates by just a couple of days can save help you save big money on airline and hotel fees. 
No matter where your summer travel plans take you and your family, Delta Community is here to help you budget for your well-deserved getaway. Our Visa Rewards Credit Cards offer points towards travel with no blackout dates and cash back for travel spending. Stop by your local branch to learn more today. Happy traveling!