June 21, 2012 · Vehicles

Buying My First Car

Update: Effective December 28, 2015, Carvana is Delta Community’s official car buying service. Carvana can be reached by calling 404-530-9000 or 800-226-5152 or on the web at www.carvana.com/DeltaCommunity.

A few years ago, I moved to Atlanta and was in the market for a car - not just any car, but my first without my parent’s help! Because I was new to the car-buying process, I went to several dealerships looking for which car I liked best that would fit into my modest budget.

After what seemed like hundreds of locations, I ended up choosing a Toyota Camry and went to the dealership to try my hand at discussing the price. Before I could event start the back and forth negotiations, I was told I needed to get pre-approved for a loan. The dealership already had a financial partner, but I wasn’t satisfied with their rates at the time, which would have directly impacted my monthly car payment. That’s when it hit me ... my "light bulb" moment. I already had Delta Community as my financial partner, so why not use the credit union for my car loan as well? It was a no brainer. 
As a Delta Community member, I can benefit from their partnership with Car Solutions, a vehicle buying service with access to multiple dealer inventories. I found the same 2010 Toyota Camry at a better price and was able to finance my loan through Delta Community at a much lower rate. I wish I would have remembered Car Solutions before the long days of jumping from dealership to dealership. In addition to its vast selection of vehicles, what sets Car Solutions apart is its friendly service and easy, quick process. My representative walked me through the car-buying process step by step and provided the guidance I needed in choosing the right vehicle at a price I could afford.
For anyone in the process of purchasing a vehicle, I recommend going straight to Car Solutions. As a trusted partner of Delta Community, you know you are getting access to a large inventory of quality vehicles. With the seamless process of getting a loan through Delta Community, buying a car was easy and now all of my finances are all in one place, which makes managing finances stress-free. 
For more information, check out Car Solutions or contact a Delta Community representative at 404-715-4725 or 800-544-3328.

Article submitted by Renee