June 13, 2017 · Community, Features

Expansion of Our Field of Membership

It’s easier than ever to become a Delta Community member. Thanks to new legislation, we’ve been able to expand our field of membership. Now, if you work in one of the 11 metro Atlanta counties we serve, you’re eligible for membership with the Credit Union, regardless of where you live.

Many people conduct their important banking business during the workweek, so it makes sense to belong to a financial institution that’s convenient to your office or commute. And since Delta Community is Georgia’s largest credit union, there’s a good chance one of our 24 metro Atlanta branch locations is close by.

For added convenience, our members also have access to a network of shared branches. Delta Community belongs to the CO-OP network, meaning our members can visit participating credit unions across the country to conduct most business as if they were at their own credit union branch. Through the CO-OP network, members also have access to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs. For example, many Publix grocery stores have CO-OP ATMs that Delta Community members can use without incurring a service fee. Check out our CO-OP network FAQs and use our Service Locator to find the shared branches and surcharge-free ATMs most convenient to you.

If you’re already one of the 350,000 happy Delta Community Credit Union members, now is a good time to refer your coworkers (and earn a sweet reward). And if you're wondering how you can join, take a quick look at our Membership Eligibility requirements and apply online today!