June 05, 2019 · Security

Be Watchful for Telephone and Text Scams

Hackers and other online fraudsters never stop investigating methods for making your money their money. Through email phishing, text message phishing (known as “SMSishing”), telephone scams, viruses, malware, and massive corporate security breaches, there is a non-stop global competition to develop new ways to steal information and/or money from you. These ongoing criminal efforts mean that consumers must be constantly on guard and appropriately suspicious when encountering communications related to their financial accounts—it pays to be alert and cautious when someone contacts you about your money. You have to be vigilant and careful about any communication that you weren’t expecting that comes from an unknown source.

One of the classic fraud scams involves telephone calls or text messages from crooks claiming to be from Delta Community Credit Union. Often, the scammers have prepared in advance by using a “spoofed” telephone number to make their call or send their message—a spoofed phone number displays on a cell or home phone as originating from Delta Community. It’s a fake number, but the identification looks authentic, and there’s no immediate way to confirm the caller’s true identity.

After you answer the phone and identify yourself, the scam caller states that there has been a fraudulent charge on your account and asks you to confirm your account details, such as—but not limited to—your account, debit or credit card numbers, PIN, and, possibly, your date of birth and Social Security number. The scammer may also request this personal information via text message, or invite you to click on a link to enter your information on an imposter website. The website may even resemble Delta Community’s website or incorporate our logo.

As part of its ongoing security efforts, Delta Community regularly monitors accounts for potential fraudulent activity, and we will also contact our members at times to report account discrepancies. However; it is our policy that Delta Community will never ask you to provide us your ATM, Debit Card or telephone access (IVR) PIN. If you suspect an incoming call or text is fraudulent or spoofed, please hang up immediately and call our Member Care Center at 404-715-4725 or toll-free at 800-544-3328 for assistance.

Remember to always review your account statements carefully every month and check for any unknown charges. If you do spot anything suspicious, contact your financial institution immediately to report the fraud. Delta Community members can contact our Member Care Team any time via our toll-free number at 800-544-3328 or locally at 404-715-4725.