November 01, 2018 · Vehicles

Tips for Buying a Car Online

It’s no secret that technology is changing the way we do business, and smart shoppers can leverage high-tech tools to save time and money with almost any product, including vehicles. If you hate dealing with the hassle of shopping in person for a new or used vehicle, you may want to consider an online approach.

Convenience is the most obvious perk of shopping online. You can shop anywhere at any time, without the stress of being pressured by a dealership sales team. The range of online shopping allows you to easily compare prices and fees. It may also be more cost effective than going to a dealership, where sales people often receive a commission for every deal they close.

Some consumers will always prefer an in-person approach to shopping, since they want to see and drive vehicles before purchasing. However, many respectable online dealers allow for test drives and offer money back guarantees.

For example, Carvana offers a seven day return policy, which gives buyers time to decide if the car or truck is a good fit. Carvana also promotes a limited warranty on mechanical assemblies within 100 days or within the first 4,189 miles driven. Be sure to compare warranties and policies between websites to find the deal that is right for you, and always check vehicle history reports when shopping for used vehicles.

Many websites offer their own financing options for purchasing a car. Always be sure to compare these options with rates offered by your bank or credit union. Interest rates may vary greatly based on where you look, and if you do not wish to take out a loan from a financial institution, you can at least reference its rates in order to negotiate better financing from the seller.