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Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Union Credit

Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Card

No Annual Fee & All the Benefits of a Credit Union Credit Card

Receive Bonus Reward Points!

Enjoy the spending power of a Delta Community Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card, a wide array of rewards to choose from, plus up to 3,000 Reward Points as a head start.

Treat Yourself or Give Gifts with Reward Points

Get Reward Points easily on every qualifying purchase and redeem for:

  • Cash Back
  • Retail gift certificates and gift cards
  • Dining gift certificates and gift cards
  • Merchandise
  • Travel with no blackout dates (air, hotel and rental car)

Platinum Rewards Credit Card Features & Benefits:

Who is this product right for?

Someone who is interested in a card with all the perks.

Compare Rewards Credit Card Interest Rates

Company APR
Delta Community CU 10.00-14.00%
Bank of America 11.24-21.24%
Chase Bank 13.24-23.24%
Regions 12.24-19.24%
SunTrust 10.49-21.49%
Wells Fargo 12.40-26.24%

Competitor APRs as of the first day of the current month, provided by

Who is this product right for?

Someone who is interested in a card with all the perks.

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  • Delta Community CU Visa Credit Card Purchase Security
  • Does the Visa Platinum Rewards and Young Adult Credit Cards offer buyer protection for a recently purchased item?
    Purchase Security will replace, repair, or reimburse within 90 days of purchase due to theft or certain types of damage on eligible items. Additionally, Warranty Manager will extend the manufacturer s warranty coverage on electronics items purchased with your Delta Community Visa Credit Card, eliminating the need to purchase secondary warranties offered by merchants and department stores.
    For more details on the additional card benefits, click here.

  • Visa Annual Summary of Charges Statement
  • Is it necessary to request an annual statement for a Visa Platinum Rewards card?
    As an added benefit for Visa Platinum Rewards cardholders, Delta Community CU provides an annual statement of purchases, categorized by usage, i.e.: gas, grocery, retail, etc. Annual statements are prepared at the first part of the following business year.
    For Online Statement users, the Visa Platinum Rewards annual statement will be available within Online Banking.
    For those not signed up for Online Statements, you may request to receive a paper copy by sending a Secure Email from within Online Banking by clicking on Email Us or call us at 800-544-3328.

  • Visa Payment Grace Period and Member Benefit Disclosure
  • Do I have a grace period before I am charged interest? We do not charge interest on purchases if you pay your entire balance by the due date each month. We will begin charging interest on cash advances and balance transfers on the transaction date. Click here to review your terms and conditions.

    In the past, I've paid beyond the due date and did not receive a late fee. Why am I receiving a late fee now?
    Delta Community Credit Union identified an issue in September 2014, where members did not receive a late fee when they should have. The issue has been corrected. While Delta Community will not retroactively apply late fees, to avoid any late fees in the future, please review your monthly Visa statement and pay the Minimum Due (Past Due + Current Due) by the due date to avoid any late fees.

    Do I have a courtesy period on my Visa credit card before I am charged a late fee?
    A late payment fee is charged if you are ten (10) or more days late in making a payment.

    Member Benefits Disclosure:

    Delta Community Credit Union
    Visa Member Benefits

    The following benefits are applicable to Delta Community Credit Union ("credit union") Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card.
    As a service to our cardholders, the credit union provides each cardholder with the following valuable benefits. If you have questions pertaining to these benefits, please contact Delta Community Credit Union at 1-800-544-3328 or 404-715-4725 or visit our web site at Thank you for choosing Delta Community Credit Union as your Visa card issuer.

    No Annual Fee:

    No annual fee is assessed by the credit union.

    Electronic Services:
    As a cardholder you can make your Visa payments by either using Online Banking or Audioline, as well as make cash advances to checking.You can also review purchase history online and receive your Visa statement through the online statement feature.

    Reward Points:

    Delta Community Credit Union Visa Platinum Rewards cardholders are automatically enrolled in the Credit Union's Rewards Points program. To enroll, visit or call Audioline and use service code #85. Once enrolled, you can earn points redeemable for travel rewards including air, hotel and rental car, retail and dining gift certificates/cards, merchandise, charity and cash back rewards. As a participant, you will earn one (1) point per each $1 spent for eligible purchases made on the Platinum Rewards Credit Cards and (1) point per every $3 spent for eligible signature-based purchases made with Check Cards. PIN- based transactions do not accumulate points. No points are earned for the purchase of travelers checks, balance transfers, interest or service charges, cash advances or ATM withdrawals. Delta Community Visa cardholders can be enrolled as Contributing Participants under a Primary Participant's account. The Primary Participant controls the points. For complete program details, see or request a Program Rules brochure from the credit union.
    Emergency Services:
    With the Emergency Disbursement service, you have peace of mind knowing that your Visa card can be replaced quickly, easily and conveniently. In the U.S., a card can be replaced and delivered in as little as 24 hours. Outside of the U.S., it is often replaced as quickly as one business day. Additionally, Emergency Disbursement is available on Delta Community Visa Credit Cards. You can receive up to $5,000 in emergency cash, usually within 24 hours. Once your cash request has been approved and processed, you can pick up the cash at a convenient Emergency Service Location.The credit union s credit cards are also protected against loss or theft. One call to Visa will block your account to prevent fraudulent charges and arrange for a replacement card to be delivered to you. To speak with a customer service agent, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week please call Delta Community Credit Union at 1-800-544-3328 or Visa at 1-800-VISA-911. Overseas travelers can call collect by dialing 410-581-9994.

    Verified by Visa:

    The Credit Union provides Verified by Visa, a service designed to protect cardholders when making online purchases. This product was developed by Visa to reduce fraud on internet purchases since a card is not used during the transaction. Verified by Visa allows participating online merchants to confirm a cardholder's identity before approving an internet transaction. This enhanced security feature reduces the potential for unauthorized use of your card number on the Internet. The Credit Union encourages all of our Visa cardholders to use the quick and easy card enrollment feature at

    Zero Liability:

    Visa's Zero Liability policy means 100% protection for the credit union's Visa cardholders against fraudulent purchases that take place on the Visa system. Delta Community's Visa credit and/or debit cards offer complete liability protection. Should someone steal your card number while you're shopping, online or off, you pay nothing for fraudulent activity. If you notice fraudulent activity on your card, promptly contact us at 1-800-544-3328 to report it. This policy does not cover ATM withdrawals.

    Minimal International Service Assessment (ISA) Fees:

    Visa, like other credit card companies, adds an ISA fee to cover currency conversion costs on all transactions done outside the United States, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands. The minimum Visa ISA fee is 1% of the transaction, and the credit union does not increase the ISA handling fee. Many other credit card issuers may increase the international transaction fee as much as 3%.

  • Rate and fee structures for Visa Credit Cards
  • What are the rate and fee structures for the Visa Platinum Rewards card?

    Visa Platinum Rewards

    Delta Community CU's Platinum Rewards has low competitive rates.
    Click here for more information and to view the current rates (terms and conditions).

    Click here for the details on the fee structure.

    Apply for a Delta Community Visa Card online by logging into Online Banking and choosing Apply for a Loan under the Loans tab.

  • Lowering the Interest Rate on My Visa Credit Card
  • How can I lower my interest rate on my Visa credit card?
    If you currently have a Visa credit card and wish to receive a lower interest rate, you can apply online by logging into your Online Banking account and choosing Apply for a Loan under the Additional Services tab. You can also call us at 1-800-544-3328 or stop by any Delta Community CU branch and apply with a Member Service Representative. Normal processing time is 24 - 48 hours.

    Currently a Visa Platinum Rewards has a credit line that starts at $500.

    Due dates remain the same once a card has been established and will not change if an interest rate is changed

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Who is this product right for?

Someone who is interested in a card with all the perks.

1 Platinum Rewards Card Terms and Conditions

2 2,000 enrollment bonus points apply to new, first-time Delta Community Reward Points program enrollments only. All standard Delta Community Reward Points rules apply.

3 1,000 bonus points apply for eligible signature-based purchases made within 30 days of card issuance. All standard Delta Community Reward Points rules apply.

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