March 08, 2023 · Budget, Investment, Retirement, Savings

Great CD Rates and Great Service Are a Winning Combination

Do you know about our competitive CDs?

Did you know that a Delta Community Certificate of Deposit (CD) allows your money to grow at a higher interest rate than a savings account? It helps you grow your money, but unlike a savings or money market account, CDs are a time-based deposit—they are invested for a specific amount of time—with interest rates that can’t go lower than their locked-in annual percentage yield (APY). When the investment time period is complete the certificate of deposit has matured and can be reinvested or become cash.

CDs can typically be invested for terms of different lengths, such as 6, 12, 24, 36 or 60 months. Delta Community raises interest rates we pay on our CDs to meet the evolving financial needs of our members during a challenging economic environment—and our rates are competitive. Whenever there’s instability in the financial markets, and consequently interest rates dramatically go down or up, there can be peace of mind knowing that your CD is tied to an interest rate that doesn’t fluctuate.

Consider if a CD is a stable option for helping your money grow.

Along with great CDs we provide great service from friendly and knowledgeable staff

At Delta Community, we believe that our success comes from offering great products with exceptional service to our members. Our more than 1,200 employees work together to help our members get more out of their finances throughout every stage of their lives. We are committed to providing our members exceptional, dedicated, personal service well beyond what a large bank or online financial service company can offer. We regularly ask our members to tell us how well we are serving them and how we may better serve them—and we listen to them and adapt to their preferences. How do we know we offer great service? We know because our members tell us!

In 2022, Delta Community’s annual member satisfaction score ranked in the 99th percentile among credit unions nationwide—and that is a consistent high satisfaction ranking for us; we have achieved it in several consecutive years. The year-over-year top satisfaction scores Delta Community receives are based in large part on our excellent service across our departments, from a teller to a loan consultant. Our goal is to offer our members full service and full satisfaction every time they interact with us and however they choose to bank with us.

So if you’re looking to make the most of your money and financial services experience, consider Delta Community’s CDs, Money Markets or other savings options. It’s a win-win for your goals as well as for your overall peace of mind. Check out our latest CD rates, terms and other savings account products available to help you reach your financial goals at

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What about other savings advice? We’ve got you covered

For more information that may help you manage your finances at any age, look into the free Delta Community Financial Education Center webinars on a range of prudent and useful financial topics. Please visit the Financial Education Center's Events & Seminars page to register for its on-demand webinars.

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