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Making deposits to a charity or fundraiser account

How can I make a donation to a charity or fundraising account?

To make a donation, please first confirm with the charity their account number and type, and the exact name as it appears on the account.

If you are a member of the Delta Community you can use any of the transfer or deposit methods:

  • Online Banking (Transfer or send a Secure Email from within your Online Banking)
  • Faxing a signed request (404-677-4598 attn. Operations Advisors)
  • A cash advance from a VISA or MasterCard (American Express is not accepted)
  • Deposits at your local branch

If you are not a credit union member, you may come in to a branch and donate by cash, check, or cash advance from a VISA credit card.

Deposits by mail are also accepted from both members and non-members. Please make the check or money order payable to the charity or fundraiser and on the back of the check or money order write "For Deposit Only" and the Delta Community account number of the charity or fundraiser. Always include the account number and name of the account along with the funds to be deposited on a deposit slip. Click here for the mailing address.

Ways to Donate