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A Message from Our CEO—We're Here to Help

Delta Community CEO Hank Halter

Dear Members,

Last month in Insights, I shared with you that Delta Community celebrated its 80th anniversary in March. As members of Georgia’s largest credit union and one of the biggest in the U.S, we can be proud of how far we have come since 1940, growing from eight members with $45 of paid-in capital to more than 415,000 members with $6.5 billion in assets, 29 branches and 1,100 employees. We represent a cooperative, not-for-profit approach that provides people access to critical banking services, objective advice and superior value.

As we band together as families, neighbors and a nation to address the unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19, you can be confident that Delta Community remains committed to the mission of our founding members and will be here when you need us most. Our strong capital position and ongoing investment in both our operations and employees position us well to uphold this commitment.

We are dynamically adapting the way we work to sustain the exceptional, consistent support you rely on and deserve, while taking precautions to protect the health of our members and employees alike. For the past 10 days, our community branches have operated on a drive-thru and appointment-only basis in accordance with federal and state guidance to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. We added an online scheduling tool to the homepage of our website and in our Mobile App so you can quickly and easily make an appointment at your preferred branch when you require assistance with a complex financial transaction or loan. We have also introduced special forbearance and loan programs to help qualifying members overcome hardships caused by lost wages.

Your response to our temporary operational changes has been overwhelmingly supportive. Many of you are seeking out and using the drive-thru lanes at the 14 branches where we feature this option. The drive-thrus are fully staffed and able to fulfill the transactions you typically conduct inside with a teller, such as withdrawals, deposits and transfers or payments. We also appreciate how members are observing social distancing as a safety precaution when they need to come into a branch, and our employees are reciprocating.

Many of us have lived through life-changing economic crises and humanitarian disasters. The only thing certain in uncertain times is the knowledge that crises end, and people and communities recover by working together. This is a hard-won assurance we must share with younger generations today. Credit unions were always there to help in the past, and Delta Community is here to help now.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Please be safe.


Hank Halter

Chief Executive Officer

Delta Community is Celebrating Youth Month

Youth Month

This April, we’re celebrating National Credit Union Youth Month at Delta Community. One of the most valuable lessons that we can teach our children is how to save and spend wisely.

The Delta Community Youth Savings Challenge is the perfect way to guide your kids into smart savings habits. Download the Youth Savings Challenge Worksheet and use it as a way to track deposits and set goals. We'll send you periodic emails throughout the year with tips to help keep your child on track.  You can also help your teen prepare for the future by providing the financial tools they need to succeed. Delta Community Checking Accounts and Debit Cards are available to members between the ages of 16 and 17 years old with an adult Joint Owner.

More Ways to Get Rewarded

Woman shopping and looking at phone

We think you should get more value and flexibility from your finances this year, so we’ve enhanced our Delta Community Visa® Card Reward Points Program to give you new features that earn you rewards faster.

New features:

  • The rewards redemption site has a new look and refreshed portal to make finding and redeeming your points easier.
  • You’ll get your Reward Points faster! Points will now be added to your account within 5 business days.
  • Points are worth more for Cash Back and can be redeemed for any amount starting at $25.
  •  You can gift points to other Delta Community members in amounts that you choose.
  • You can earn additional points by participating in local, regional and national special offers from restaurants and retailers with more than 30,000 locations.

When you open a Delta Community Visa Credit Card, you are automatically enrolled in our Reward Points Program. To enroll your Debit Card, simply log in to Online Banking, go to the Additional Services tab and select Reward Points.

Once you're enrolled, you'll be able to check your Point Bank, browse through a variety of items and redeem online easily and securely.

Philanthropic Fund Grants Awarded in March

HBCU Scholarship Winner

We recently awarded two more grants from our 2020 Philanthropic Fund, totaling $10,000, to the organizations listed below:

  • Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence received $7,500 for their Making Change Program, which helps domestic violence survivors engage, emotionally and practically, with their finances.
  • Out of Hand Theater, pictured above, accepted an award of $2,500 to put towards their Creative Kids Education Program, which is a fun, in-depth exposure to theater that helps develop essential workplace and leadership skills.

The Delta Community Philanthropic Fund will invest a total of $100,000 throughout 2020 to 18 metro Atlanta non-profit organizations that support the physical and financial needs of people who live within the communities we serve.

Supplemental Insurance Coverage 

nurse helping woman

We are committed to investing in our members’ financial health and we know that physical health challenges can sometimes put a strain on finances. That’s why we’re now offering Supplemental Insurance to Delta Community members at group rates, with guaranteed acceptance and no medical exams required.

When you get sick or injured, you not only incur medical costs, but other out-of-pocket expenses can take their toll as well. Supplemental coverage provides you with cash benefits if you're confined to a hospital, and the benefits are paid directly to you. This can help cover costs that your primary insurance may not. We offer plan options to fit your budget and help put your mind at ease while you recover from a covered accident or illness. Visit our website to learn more about Supplemental Insurance options for Delta Community members.

"Financial 15" Webinars Kick Off in April

woman on laptop

We remain committed to making personal financial education resources available to all of our members and their families. As part of our COVID-19 response plan, we will be offering a series of 15-minute webinars you can watch from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Topics will include Rebuilding After a Financial Crisis, Sticking to Your Budget, Using Credit Wisely, 10 Steps to Financial Success, Identity Theft Solutions, Protecting Aging Adults, Teens & Money and Psychology of Spending.

Check our Event Calendar for links to the available webinars throughout the month, beginning Tuesday, April 7.

Monthly Blog

  • Help Us Help You—Confirm Your Current Contact Information Today: Have you moved your legal residence recently, either long-term or just temporarily? Or are you planning to move and getting everything ready for when you’re fully installed in your new home? If you’ve moved or will be moving, please let us know now! Updating your address, telephone number and email address annually is the best way to have your accounts in good shape.
  • How a CD Can Boost Your Savings: Do you have any CDs to go along with your savings and checking accounts? If not, then you should consider finding out more about them. Certificates of Deposits are a pretty easy way of letting your money grow more than it might in a checking or savings account.
  • How the Fed Cut Affects Current Consumer and Mortgage Loan Rates: Recently, the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank's (the Fed) Federal Open Market Committee announced it would cut interest rates to a historic low, with the basic—or “benchmark”—U.S. interest rate now in a range of 0 to 0.25 percent. That's an incredibly low rate, and in response, there are a lot of very eager homeowners (or would-be new homeowners) intensely interested in refinancing their current loan or trying to get a new home loan right now.

Financial Status

As of February 29, 2020:
Assets: $6B | Deposits: $5.6B
Loans: $4.8B | Members: 417,155

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