September 03, 2014 · Credit

Finding Credit Cards that Reward You

Choose a Credit Card that Offers Rewards for the Purchases You Make on a Regular Basis

Perks aren’t just for celebrities anymore. Plane tickets, new electronics, gift cards, and more can all be yours for free, if you have the right credit card.

The credit card market is changing, and a growing number of companies offer consumers rewards for their normal purchases. That means, with the right credit card, you can get rewarded for everyday purchases, like filling up at the gas station, and then use the card’s reward points to buy the things you really want.  

Identify Your Credit Card Spending Habits

The trick to maximizing any credit card reward program is to find the best card for your spending habits.
Shopping for credit cards is a little bit like shopping for a pair of jeans – the options are endless and one size does not fit all. Savvy credit card shoppers know they need to look at interest rates, card fees, and promotional balance transfer options. Another top consideration should be card rewards.

When you start looking for a credit card, look closely at the everyday purchases you make and the splurges you enjoy. Think about your spending patterns and ask yourself financial questions like:
  • Do you regularly travel or spend money on hotels?
  • Do you stock up on groceries?
  • Do you spend a lot on gas or car expenses?
As part of your financial evaluation, identify your major expenses and the purchases you currently use credit cards for. Understanding your own spending habits can help you decide which credit card rewards program is the best fit for your lifestyle and financial needs.

Match Your Spending Habits with a Reward Program

Credit card rewards programs offer a wide variety of unique perks. From free hotel stays to cash back, the possibilities seem endless. During your search, look for rewards programs that complement your existing spending habits.

If you spend most of your budget on fuel, look for a card that rewards gas station purchases. If you’re a fashionista, consider a card that provides you with deals at your favorite store.

If you’re looking for a card that rewards the purchases you make every day and lets you choose how your bonus points are redeemed, think about the Platinum Rewards Visa® Card from Delta Community Credit Union.

Find Rewards with a Delta Community Credit Union Visa® Credit Card

With the Platinum Rewards card at Delta Community, you can truly enjoy the power of spending. First time card users receive an automatic 2,000 bonus points with enrollment1, and after your first purchase, you get rewarded again with an additional 1,000 bonus points2.   

The best part of the Delta Community Reward Points program? You earn 1 bonus point for every $1 you spend in eligible purchases with a Delta Community Visa Credit Card.

When you choose a Delta Community Visa Credit Card, you can redeem your bonus points for flights, gift cards and cold hard cash, while you enjoy a personalized credit union experience. Visit the Delta Community Credit Card page to learn more about the options available to you.

Take Your Time and Choose Wisely

When you decide it’s time for a new credit card, it can seem like the process moves really quickly. It’s easier than ever to compare cards online, research reward programs, and apply at the click of a button.
One of the most important parts of credit card shopping is finding the best fit for your financial situation. Take your time to read the fine print on different credit card offers and to honestly reflect on your spending habits.
 Doing the upfront research on your spending habits and credit card needs can help you maximize the rewards you receive. The end result of choosing the best credit card rewards program for you? Free travel, free clothes, and free money - like a celebrity!

1 2,000 enrollment bonus points apply to new, first-time Delta Community CU Reward Points program enrollments only. All standard Delta Community CU Reward Points rules apply.
2 1,000 bonus points apply for eligible signature-based purchases made within 30 days of card issuance. All standard Delta Community Reward Points rules apply. Complete program details.